Mariah Stephens is a Danish soul singersongwriter, who enjoys life in Copenhagen.


Stephens is 34. years old, and has been performing since she was 12. years old.


She has a master in communication, pr and performance design.


She has her own communication agentcy, where she helps artists and small business with pr and booking.


Furthermore she has created her own ideas to television, and worked on several television production companies.




Mariah's EP "Brænd for mig" is about being 30 +, single, having no kids, fun nights and a lot of reflections. She is well educated, so no inten tone or performance is left to chances.


Mariah conveys exciting stories in both Danish and English.




Mariah publishes her first musicvideo in August, and there is no expense spared! She has namely backed fashion stylist, runway hairdressers and the Italian designer Federico D'Angelo behind the scenes.




Mariah has just signed a cooperation for her upcoming ep with two of the most competent producers, and is headhunted to write the title song for a cinema movie.

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